Wall of Thanks

The Great Wall of Thanks!


We just can’t thank you enough!


Financial Donations

Every single donation is a big help for The Page Theatre.  We greatly appreciate your generosity and the wonderful spirit inwhich is was given.

As a token of our appreciation, we would like to publicly thank everyone here for their financial contributions!

 Donations go towards things like:


Theatre space rental

Rehearsal space rental

Printing of posters and flyers



A big THANK YOU to everyone who made a donation to our Indiegogo campaign to help us get to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe!  We truly appreciate your support and encouragement!

J. G. Chayko J.G is a published author with many stories, blogs and funny tales to tell. Check her out on Facebook and give her a ‘Like’! Read her blog ‘The Old Lady In My Bones, A Living With Arthritis Blog’.

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Non Financial Donations

Not all donations are in the form of money!

Sometimes we need help with graphic design; technology; photo productions; lending of props and sets to name a few.  We would like to thank these people for lending us set pieces, video and photography sessions; and amazing skills and talents.  Your gifts of time and knowledge is more appreciated than you know.

Games, Sex & Love – 2012

Fred Partridge – for immediately fitting us in his crazy schedule to take some beautiful still shots of our show.  We didn’t have much time with the shoot and pulling things together for our first show was a unique challenge, but Fred stepped up and patiently provided us with some hauntingly creative pictures we’ll always have.  Stay close to your phone, Fred!  You may be getting another call!

Ray Boulay – who showed he isn’t just a talent on stage but also has a great eye for design. He lovingly crafted our very first poster, which received wonderful reviews.

Elephant Sighs – 2013

Darla Laframboise – who graciously created an outstanding poster that even caught the eye of Ed Simpson (he wrote the play!).  On her own time, she read the play to get the feel of what we had explained and made it to perfection. Darla is a Graphic Designers and lives in TorontoOne day we’ll have to meet!

Alison Main-Tourneur - for, without any hesitation, lending us a set piece that would otherwise be difficult to find! I think the boys had quite a workout with that heavy piece of iron!

Post-Its (Notes on a Marriage) – Edinburgh Feastival Fringe 2014

Tracy Chernaske & Joe Hinks -  who gave up a weekend to help us film our campaign video which entailed putting an endless stream of post it notes on a wall and then tracing outlines of Ray and I. 

Tracy Chernaske & Joe Hinks -  for guiding us to the busiest and most productive areas along the Royal Mile and for helping us narrow our venue choices

Tracy Chernaske & Joe Hinksfor their undying support and enthusiasm in our journey.

David Phillip &  Mehran Ghadiriwho both willingly and happily made the effort to bring their cameras to work and took some time out of their day to shoot numerous post it notes for our image in the Fringe’s programme and website.  They both not only took the photos, but came up with the ideas and spent time trying different angles.

Tim Shelley & Darryl Hodgins - both immediately came to the rescue and performed Photoshop magic with two images that needed some fast attention.  With deadlines always hanging over us, their willingness, expertise and software saved the day.

Mitch Ferguson – The Webmaster. For creating, coding, suggesting and fixing our website.  For teaching me to navigate through it.  All while working full time and attending school.  Coffee’s on me.

Darryl Hodgins - for his patience teaching an utterly non-tech person how to make sense of the website. Explaining what can be done and what isn’t possible (at this point!).